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This is the talk page for discussing improvements to the Trillion dollar coin article. This is not a forum for general discussion of the article's subject.The trillion dollar coin idea, which was started by MMTers and first promoted on MMT websites, has officially gone mainstream. CNN picked it up yesterday, whil.MUMBAI — Workers for the centuries-old Shree Siddhivinayak Temple here spent hours unpacking gold coins,. of the $1 trillion US worth. National Post,.

Most people are aware of the proposal for the U.S. Mint to strike the one trillion dollar coin. The Treasury would turn the coin over to the Federal Reserve.

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Washington Politicians Propose a Trillion Dollar Platinum Coin to Pay Down U.S. Money Metals Exchange offers one-ounce Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf and Australian.

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Mint the coin. Mint it. The proposal that the president should order the US Treasury to mint a trillion-dollar platinum coin—a ploy to sidestep the debt ceiling.

The looming showdown over raising the US$16.4-trillion federal debt limit has made minting a trillion-dollar coin part of the political debate. But, the Obama.Yeah I heard about this Trillion Dollar coin earlier today. It's not any different than QE3, they're already creating money out of thin air. Somebody is messing up.One Trillion Dollar Coin! Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by pcalvert,. well actually the treasury can make trillion dollar platinum coins as well,.I strongly believe the Crypto-market can reac 1 Trillion dollar in 2018. First reason why, is the amount of private funds who joined or will get.The trillion-dollar-coin option gained popularity at the start of 2013 — with the help of outlets like Business Insider — when the US was brushing.It's not Timothy Geithner's choice. Instead, the $1 trillion coin option could come down to Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve Bank presidents.

The United States is regarding minting a trillion dollar platinum coin and deposit it at the Federal Reserve in order to offset its 16.4 trillion dollar debt.Speculation and chatter continue to swirl about the possibility, and more importantly, the fiscal feasibility, around a $1 trillion platinum coin.

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The trillion dollar coin is purely political - just like the debt ceiling.The One Trillion Dollar Coin. A specific place to discuss the state of local, national or international politics and other related newsworthy or debateable topics.

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The idea that the government should issue a trillion-dollar platinum coin arose during debates to avoid raising the. What Would a Trillion-dollar Coin Mean?.

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No super-secret underground presidential or Treasury mint necessary.

Because the trillion dollar coin has no impact on the economy, conservatives decry it as political laziness.The idea of minting a trillion dollar coin (or two) has started to catch on in liberal Democratic circles as a means of circumventing the looming debt ceiling.

A stack of one dollar bills equals $100 and measures.43 inches high, which means that $1 trillion dollar bills would stack to a height of approximately 67,866.16 miles.

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After a long and very heated public debate, the US Treasury finally killed the plan to solve the US debt problem using a freshly minted platinum coin with a nominal...

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Peter Smith, CEO of digital wallet platform Blockchain, said total cryptocurrency value could breach $1 trillion in 2018.

For those of you who don't know, the media and the U.S. Government are currently flirting with the idea of making a trillion dollar coin. As silly as this so.

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US$1-trillion coin debt ceiling fix would face stiff opposition. a freshly minted trillion-dollar platinum coin.Obama was only half-joking when he said "it gets pretty technical." The idea of a trillion-dollar coin, which generated a media firestorm in early 2013,.

It is not steeped in economic basis but in political gamesmanship.

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Of course this isn't what is being considered, but what if the U.S. Treasury minted a coin from $1 trillion worth of platinum? We calculated how much this.Regardless of what they think about it, economists on the left and the right point out that it is completely legal.

The growth predictions here may some day be headed into trillion-dollar territory,. #5 More Upside with Global Blockchain Coin Creation.President Obama said that the fight over the debt ceiling was the scariest night of his presidency and that he almost minted the trillion-dollar coin.