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As you will observe the onus of the enforcement of the law rests.FOURTH: No pathological material from any laboratory shall be permitted.Additions to the supply must be made if the village grows and the demand for.It may be well to recall that at Reading, 27 miles up stream, there were.Into the main river between Ridley and Chester Creeks there are large public.However well the design may be built, it is only by careful attention.The old reservoir, built in eighteen liundicd and ninety-six, consists of an earth.

The proposed reservoir will be built in a natural ravine, the sides will be given.The greater ))ortinn of the town, however, is on higher groiind.No attempt to treat the flow from the combined system of sewers as existing.

In view of the foregoing considerations, it has been determined that the proposed.Green, all of whom gave demonstrations, and Dr. A. M. Jiothrock.On.Tilly seventeenth, nineteen hundred and eight, there was absolutely no flow.The original plan of distribution of dispensaries was to open one.

For 1901 there were 10 cases in the township distributed as follows.Furthermore, the borough of Pottsville is hereby advised that the discharge of.The petitioners rei)resent that the present methods of sewage disposal at the.North of these plants, in the upper part of the borough on the flats, is a settle-.Fire hydrants have been located on the six inch main at Fifth and.

The twenty-two inch pipe into which it empties is not large enough to.The pump forces the water from the pump well through the town, distributing.The Chief (Jlerks at Harrisburg and Williamsi)ort will supply.Most of the railroad employes at these two places live in Free-.This application was made by the borough of Olyphant, Lackawanna County.The slope is protected up to the elevation of extreme floods with a heavy.A three inch cast-iron pipe, in which there is a sluit-off valve.This application was made by the City of Mi-Keesport, Allegheny Cnunty, renn-.When the works are built, complete plans of them as so built shall be filed in the.

The condemning of this source might for financial reasons result.One of the sewers in Sixty-fifth Street is connected with the.1UIC_STT_FONTNAME ??? 0 0 0 0 0 Comic Sans MS Comic Sans MS 0 0 0 0 0 0 <.It has been determined that the proposed water works system and the supply.One huudred and thirteen thousand eight hundred and twenty -five.Above this spring there is an area of twenty-five acres from which.As in the previous year a warning was addressed to the public in.

On the sides of this chamber there will be set in the wall three sets of six inch.The filters will be covered with a frame building, twenty-four feet by.Tn operating the tanks the sewage will be admitted into a rein-.

Street along the new railroad embankment north of the slope a distance of twenty-.Township, Washington County, on the Chartiers Valley Branch of the Pittsburg.Between August 1st and the 20th inclusive, IIS cases of typhoid fever developed.The Deiiartment has now (m file informalion obtained in this for-.It is the purpose of the State Department of Health to make regular inspections.