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The drop crews worked with AC-130 gunship crews who provided winds aloft information to the C-130 navigators from their gunsite computers.The purpose of this study is to examine the battle in detail to.Though both Wallace and Caldwell dropped in the vicinity of the DZ, none of the cargo from either airplane was recovered by friendly forces.

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One engine was shot out, another set on fire and the right wing began burning.The Guide to What's Happening in Vietnam. Given that grilling and barbecuing has been around for hundreds of thousands of years, I believe ca loc nuong trui is one.In an attempt to supply the camp, the 374th turned to the GRADs method, aground-radar directed airdrop method that had been used to drop ten and fifteen thousand pound bombs in Vietnam since 1969.Read Vietnam articles, travel tips, news and advice from Lonely Planet experts.

A popular Vietnam export:. Women in Tan Loc and other delta towns began marrying foreigners in the 1990s,. Magazine Says.News about Vietnam War, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times.The truly heroic South Vietnamese defense of An Loc has succedded although Hanoi spent three of the best North Vietnam divisions trying to take the little town.Map of the Vietnam War. Written by Tim Nash History of War. Xuan Loc 1975; Saigon 1975; Mekong Delta 1957; Related Articles. The Battle of Khe Sanh.

USAF C-130 crews were instrumental in the defeat of the NVA attacks on Kontum.

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Shaub jettisoned the cargo - two pallets exploded right after they left the airplane.More than half of the drop planes took hits, and several crewmembers were wounded.BATTLE OF AN LOC 1972 Air Calvary photos courtesy of Alan Tigner. BATTLE OF AN LOC 1972 Air Calvary photos courtesy of Alan Tigner.Vietnamese Army (NVA) pressure from two firebases to the north that.

On the other hand, perhaps I should refrain from casting stones at a man who confesses his mistakes in writing.Magazine. Sections; Fashion; Art & Design; Travel; Food;. Southeast Asia Launches Huge Trade Bloc. Most Popular Articles.But even though the C-130 crews enjoyed some surprise, the enemy was putting up barrages of antiaircraft fire.

The MAC transports transported cargo and passengers between the major aerial ports in South Vietnam.The loadmasters, SSgt Charlie Shaub and Airman First Class Dave McAleece fought the fire.

War Stories on DVD as told at. The secret aircraft that helped the CIA tap phones in North Vietnam by James. The Battle for An Loc by Col.The helicopter returned the jubilant crewmembers to Tan Son Nhut.But GRADS required high altitude, low-opening parachute devices and the Vietnamese riggers were unfamiliar with the technique.The Battle of Loc Ninh is a misnomer. 1967 Time Magazine article about the battles around Loc Ninh can be found here:. South Vietnam,.

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This C-130, however, had been one of several pressed into service to save the besieged city of An Loc, South Vietnam, in 1972, after the US had already begun.

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CNN's series "The Seventies": How Time magazine chronicled the events that lead up to the end of the Vietnam War.Their C-130 was riddled by machine gun fire which killed the flight engineer, TSgt Jon Sanders, and wounded the copilot, Lt John Hering, and the navigator, Lt.The GRADS method was proving as futile for the Americans as it had been for the South Vietnamese C-123 crews.Sixties Project: Articles on the Sixties and the Viet Nam War This is an archive of articles published in Viet Nam Generation Journal, the journal of record in the.As it turned out, the high-velocity drops using the GRADS technique not only allowed the C-130 crews to drop from altitudes above the range of the antiaircraft guns at An Loc and even the SA-7s (which are effective only to about 4,000 feet), they also allowed unprecedented accuracy.No more Yankee ground troops around, but only the advisory teams.